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Why use big box lenders and pay more for higher rates? At Wholesale Mortgage Rates, we strictly work through the wholesale channel to provide lower rates and lower costs mortgages to you, the borrower. I work with the nations best lenders to secure the best rates and pricing. As a Mortgage Broker, my overhead is low, therefore I'm able operate at lower margins, and I pass the savings on to you. In today's economy, and housing affordability steadily decreasing, securing a low rate, lower cost loan is imperative.


What is a Mortgage broker?

“A mortgage broker is an intermediary between the

borrower and the banks or lenders. Mortgage brokers

usually specialises in home loans and other loans for

 individuals where as a finance broker specialises in business

or commercial loans. A mortgage broker can help you

compare the suitability of different mortgages to find a

one that is suitable for you. Your mortgage broker then

negotiates with banks or other lenders on your behalf to

arrange your loan and manage the process through to



Why use a mortgage broker?

“Your home loan or mortgage is probably the biggest

expense you will ever have. Differences in the rates, fees

and features between mortgages can add up to thousands

of dollars over the life of the mortgage. The best mortgage

 broker has access to a wide range of lenders and

loans. Therefore, using a mortgage broker can make a big

 difference to your financial situation.”